What Makes Us Different?

1. Inspections Delivered in Real Time! We equip our Inspectors with hand-held
computers that enable them to complete the Inspection, obtain a signature,
take photos and instantaneously submit them to our office in Real Time!

2. We provide a Letter of Explanation (L.O.E.), for each customer who does not
receive the Hurricane rating for Opening Protection!

3. All qualified Inspectors, including Florida licensed Architects, Engineers or Certified General Contractors.

4. Bilingual Staff.

5. We have the MOST Competitive Fees in the industry!

Prices effective July 1st 2014 - All prices listed are for single family homes, condos, townhouses and villas of standard or typical dimensions.  We do reserve the right to increase pricing, based on our sole discretion of inspection variables.

Condo Wind Mitigation Inspection & Photos
Single Family Home Wind Mitigation Inspection & Photos
4-Point Inspection w/Citizens Electrical & Roof Condition Information
Citizens Roof Condition Inspection & Photos
Wind Mitigation w/ Citizens Roof Condition Inspection & Photos
Wind Mitigation w/ Citizens 4-Point Inspection & Photos
Citizens Replacement Cost Valuations
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Combination Discounts for Multiple Inspections
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 40 Year Commercial Safety Inspections (Call for Quote)

Call for pricing on commercial structures.

The Scheduling Office is open  M-F, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Broward: (954) 297-9695 • Palm Beach: (561) 477-7750